These projects helped us gain insight and purpose for fulfilling the vision.

Held in Maryland

AUVSI SUAS is widely considered to be the most prestigious drone- competition in the world.

Held in Queensland.

The Medical Rescue Challenge is an international collegiate competition, it promotes easier provision of medical aid through Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Paving way to a Renewable Future.

AEOLUS is a labour-saving, cost-effective UAV capable of taking high resolution images, best suited for windmill inspection.

The Omniscient Eye in the sky.

SALUS is a face recognition quadcopter that is primarily used in search and rescue operations.

Drone to the Rescue.

The project is aimed at increasing the flight range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles used in the field of package delivery by utilizing docking of solar powered aircrafts to transfer packages between cities.

An Ode to Efficiency.

Proposed idea: Implementing swarm technology on Quadcopter UAVs.

The Linchpin.

Proposed idea: building an advanced hardware system for the improved performance and modularity of the avionics installed on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Size doesn't matter.

An aircraft that can be used in dire situations to assist rescue authorities operating indoors.

For the long run.

Indigenous Battery Management System(BMS) For Lithium Ion Pack.

The All Rounder.

AceGT is a relatively inexpensive UAS,is powered by powerful combustion engines.Favourable for agricultural purposes.