SRM-UAV wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible and loving contributions of our team members and alumni.
Thanks to everyone who has put their heart and soul into this community.The team comprises of several domains and these are:

Our founders

Dr. Muthamizhchelvan

Director of E&T

Mahendra Perumal

Faculty Advisor,SRM-UAV


A drone consists of various components- acuators, RFD, sensors just to name a few. These are integrated on a PCB ( Printed Circuit Board), the Electronics domain works on soldering and making appropriate PCBs that perform various functions for the aircraft and research projects of the team. They also code the flight path and circuitry of the UAS through Arduino or RasberryPi.

Utkarsh Bajpai-TEAM LEAD

Dikshant Jangid

V. Madhav

Rushi Shah

Prerak Garg

Chandan Gopal

Imaging and Distributed Systems

Image Processing is an integral function of an UAS, various drone competitions expect student teams to deliver on this. The Imaging and Distributed Systems domain is responsible for programming this application of the UAV making it an integral part of the team. The success of a mission demonstration depends on the efforts made by this domain.

Anand Singhal

Anant Shukla   -   TEAM MANAGER

Paritosh Sapre

Siddharth Rai

Aerodynamics and Structures

A strong foundation paves way to an efficient aircraft: Essentially speaking, the Aerodynamics and Structure domain serves as the backbone of the team. They are responsible for creating a robust base for the rest of the members to work on.

Gaurav Chaudhary     - ASSISTANT TEAM LEAD

Bhargav Vithani

M Praveen Kumar

Abhimanyu V.

Bhesraj Jaishy

Roshani Chouhan

Abhigyan Roy


From talking to potential investors for sponsorship to drafting business emails, the corporate domain handles all the non technical aspects of the team. It is their responsibility to manage finances, organise events/workshops and oversee PR of SRM UAV.

Aditya V.S.   -   CORPORATE LEAD

Malav Kanani

Aryamaan Parida

Dhairya Aggarwal