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The team was established in August 2013 by Dr. Narayana Rao, Director (Research) with support from Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Director (E&T) under the guidance of Prof. G. Mahendra Perumal of Department of Aerospace Engineering. The team was initially headed by Mr. Sobin Santhosh, class of 2015, B.Tech(Aerospace).

Dr. Muthamizhchelvan
Director of E&T


Mahendra Perumal
Faculty Advisor, SRM-UAV

The team researches and develops end to end solutions to real civilian and military problems which can be solved using unmanned aerial systems.

The Applications Include :

Search and Rescue

Wind-turbine blade inspection

Building and Industrial inspection

Event Photography

Disaster Management

Power and Pipeline Monitoring


Wildlife Preservation

Traffic Monitoring


Our Profile

We got the opportunity to present our research to Mr. Avinash Chander, the then Director General, DRDO who was extremely inspired by our work and also gave us a project which we are currently working on.

Savior UAV was shortlisted for the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2013.

We secured the First Position in Lighter than Air Vehicle Challenge Student Design Competition organized by American Society of Mechanical Engineers held at BITS, Pilani.

We have showcased our projects at the Second Unmanned Systems Conference and Exhibition - 2014 held at New Delhi.

We were the only student team at India Aviation Expo 2013 and 2016, Hyderabad and were greatly appreciated by the delegates.

National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore has shown keen interest in two of our projects.

Our research has been printed in The New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Shanghai Express, Career 360 etc.

Our projects have been covered by Vasanth TV, a TV Channel.

We had exhibited our UAVs at Maker Fest 2015, held in Ahmedabad in January 2015.

Secured world rank 38 in Students Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) Competition, held in Maryland, USA in June 2015.

Showcased our UAVs to Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of TATA Sons, who was highly impressed with our on-going projects.

The Current Team

Qasim Pardawala
Embedded Systems Engineer
Anand Singhal
Programming Lead
Anant Shukla
Embedded Systems Engineer & Web Developer
Paritosh Sapre
Image Processing


Utkarsh Bajpai
Control and Power Systems
Vipul Notani
Power Systems
Koustav Paul
Kunal Lad
Risshi Jain
Shubhendu Tewary
Corporate Executive


Saket Singh
Corporate Executive and Graphic Designer
Aditya VS
Corporate Executive

Hall of Fame

Our Mentors

Sobin Santhosh
Shubham Vyas
Jobin Jose
Avinash K Vanadil


Gaurang Vashistha
Vishnu Sen
Vijaysai Kandimalla
Abdullah Ccop


Pradeep Chand
Manogna Reddy
Shreyas Vasudevan
Bharat Mathur


Abhishek Mohanty
Arnab Halder
Deeptaman Das

This is a team that focuses more on its R&D for better and efficient flying and at the same time keeps the basic purpose in mind.

Obstacle Avoidance

In order to make UAVs smarter and be able to operate in constrained environments, they need to be able to sense their surroundings. To achieve this, obstacle avoidance is incorporated on a rotary wing UAV so that it can steer away from any dynamic or static objects while flying in a complex environment.

Dynamic Object Tracking

This technology makes use of a thermal or electro-optical camera which enables the UAV to view and follow moving objects on the ground.This technology can prove to be vital in a host of applications like Wildlife Conservation, traffic minitoring, etc. The UAV will track an object and fly in such a way so as to maintain the object in the center of the frame.

Indigenous Autopilot System

An autopilot system is the brain of the UAV during its autonomous operation. Currently most autopilots are developed overseas and purchased off the shelf. We are developing our very own autopilot system from scratch on Arduino platform.

Folding Wing UAV

Folding wings in a UAV can reduce the volume occupied by it when it is on ground. This would be useful where space is a major constraint. It can even be fit into a small barrel.

Self Healing Composites

Composites are cast with a special type of resin, which covers up cracks that are developed on the surface of the material. These materials shall be very useful to increase mean operational time of the UAV and decrease the mean maintanence time.

Automated Engine Restart

Fixed wing UAVs with an internal combustion have the capability to carry higher payload and have a higher endurance than its battery- operated counterparts. If an engine stops in-flight, it can lead to a crash. We are currently working on an automated engine restart system which can also be used to charge the on-board batteries and power the auxiliary systems.


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